Pilates Workouts Engels

Hier vind je Engelse Pilates workouts en lessen, een extra’tje voor de Engelstalige deelnemer en voor de Nederlandstalige die Pilates makkelijk in het Engels kan volgen. Alle uitleg is in het Engels en de inhoud van de Pilates workout video’s uiteraard ook. Ga naar Pilates lessen voor de Nederlandstalige video’s. Bij Pilates Workouts zie je de Nederlands korte Pilates workouts.

Engelse Pilates Video’s

Here you will find Pilates workouts and classes. They range from 10 min, 15 min, 20 min, 30 min all the way up to 45-60 min. The Pilates workouts are fast and full of movement. All kinds of Pilates exercises are tought in different variations and combinations. These Pilates exercises and workouts are suitable for beginners and for advanced practitioners. The difference between a class and workout is that the class has a lower tempo and is a bit more precise. Please note, however, that participation is at own risk. Always see a psysician first. Make sure you’re fit and healthy. Don’t do these video’s if you have any kind of injury. Have fun!

Pilates Workout 15 min

Pilates Workout

Dynamic Pilates workout. All kinds of Pilates exercises get mixed in a fun way. There are stability exercises, loosening exercises, strenghtening exercises, balancing exercises and much more. Nice full body workout!

Pilates Workout 21 min 

Pilates Workout

This is a Pilates ground workout for the legs and abs mainly. Great for training pelvic stability as well. After this workout you will definitely have burning abs. The waist is also trained, so this is nice for some core training too.

Pilates Class 48 min 

Pilates Class

In this Pilates class we start off with some squats and a very precise balance exercise. You should take your time for this one! We end up with a nice Pilates groundwork exercise serie for the whole body. We also loosen the body and go for some relaxations.

Pilates Workout 22 min 

Pilates Workout

This Pilates workout is rather original. There are a couple of exercises you have probale never done before. It’s not the easiest workout. The whole body gets trained. Upper back, abs, legs, balance, stability… everything!

Pilates Class 41 min

Pilates Class

In this Pilates class there is a lot of turning with the arms in the warm-up. This is nice for loosening the back and shoulders, but you have to like it. We also go into classic Pilates exercise-mode, great for pelvic stability. The whole body get’s trained in a relaxed manner.

Pilates Workout 13 min 

Pilates Workout

Great Total body Pilates workout. After a powerfull warm-up we move on to a lunge- and balance-serie before we hit the abs!  Also a lot of back exercises towards the end and of course some relaxations in between.

Pilates class lower back pain 1h & 18 min.

Pilates class lower back pain

This is a Pilates class for lower back pain and it also works for preventing lower back pain. We take it very easy and focus on minimal movements. It helps to loosen the lower back area and thereby reduces lower back tension and lower back pain. We also do very light exercises to strengthen the abdominals and the lower back muscles. This is a great class if you have too much tension in the muscles. Don’t do this class if you have a (lower back) injury.

Pilates Workout 42 min 

Pilates Workout

This is a fun flowing Pilates workout. After a intensive warm-up  we move on to spine extensions and forward bends. The shoulders get some well deserved attention too. After a couple of leg-stretches we move on to a nice exercise serie for the abs and back.

Pilates Workout 16 min 

Pilates Class

This is also a Total body Pilates workout. We start off with a relaxed warm-up for loosening the joints. Then we go to a couple of dynamic balance exercises, spine rolls, and some Pilates-Yoga exercises for opening the chest and shoulders. Also push-ups, back exercises, light weight ab exercises and relaxations.

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